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Habbat Al Barak fooder
LLC was founded in 2001 in UAE but has been in business since 1991 from Pakistan. A universal organization that gives total innovative feed arrangements such as Alfalfa Hay, Rhodes grass, Timothy hay, Wheat straw, Wheat bran, Bermuda Hay, Barley, Sorghum, corn, oats, etc. For conventional and natural animals farming. The company has picked up a great name broadly and universally through its services and quality product. Habbat Al Barak also deals with several other businesses such as export, import, manufacturing, and trading. We are helping farmers prosper, interfacing markets, and bringing consumers items they’re looking for. We’ve advanced how nourishment and farming work with breakthroughs that changed what was possible.
We operate across many countries in several sectors and do business with our first-rate experience. And since we mostly work business to business, we’re not a household name. A team of highly skilled personnel is continuously engaged in producing a wide variety of veterinary animal feeds and fulfilling other businesses.


We keep up our strong personal focus on our clients. They are why we are here, and we'll keep doing our very best to meet their needs.” commitment, including the entire industry. It alludes to the longer term and expresses our primary goal: the coherence of farming and trading. We endeavor for excellence in our business practices with the destination to advantage the veterinarian and the animal populace, stockholders, and workers to move forward the health care and production by giving quality animal feed items.


We pledge to bring almost success and improvement to humanity through raising healthy animals. The management has rigid command over the quality conscious delivery of items and brings almost convenient changes to meet the up-and-coming challenges of high-quality manufacturing animal feeds. We Gain certainty from Veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and stakeholders who utilize our items and Maintain authority among National Animal Feed Industries.


Muhammad Hassan



We are united by our shared commitment to solving this squeezing worldwide challenge. Our Purpose as an organization is to provide “Farmer-focused solutions to sustainably feed our world.” Working together in organization with our dealers, we convey the high-quality, smart arrangements agriculturists got to support sustain their operations and the environment whereas expanding yields to feed our developing population. Our strategy is custom-built to put agriculturists at the center of everything we do. Deeply understanding our clients and adjusting our trade to meet and exceed their desires will secure future development and provide stakeholder esteem.


Commercial head


From our striking begin in 1991 to our current position as the only worldwide, full-line agricultural arrangements supplier and traders within the industry, our 30-year history is stamped by ambitious development, vital acquisitions and energetic drive to become an industry pioneer in our chosen markets. All through Habbat tenure, it has extended its item portfolio, entered modern markets, solidified item platforms, modernized offices and expanded in our communities. His effective legacy will affect positively for more years to come! Here at this moment once again reconfirm our commitment to ourselves and to our clients for giving the finest quality products making each single effort to achieve. The leading available sources are to be applied by giving highest professional personnel. A strict quality control method is continuously enforced to affirm best quality products.